Eric Chadwick
Digital Artist
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Environment Art, Technical Art, Management

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Antelope Environment
I created this environment, working alongside a prop artist. I designed, modeled, textured, lit, and optimized the scene.

Penguin Environment
I redesigned this environment to meet an important project milestone.

Exhibit Rules of Thumb
I defined the key rules for all level designers to follow.

Exhibit rules of thumb

Camera Setups
I redesigned all the camera setups in the game, to prevent things from going where the player couldn't see them.

Camera collision

Performance & Memory
I created memory budgets, monitored performance stats, optimized assets, and eliminated packfile waste.

I created tools to help artists make efficient texture atlases.

Texture atlas tools

Team Management
As the Lead Technical Artist my job was to solve communication problems between the two Tech Artists and the rest of the Art team.

To help manage them, I created Technical Artist Guidelines.