Eric Chadwick
Digital Artist

Concept painted in Photoshop, over a rough 3D blockout (upper right).

2D platformer tiles, painted in Photoshop. Background is 3 layers for parallax. Freelance work for

Character designs painted in Photoshop. This is an animated GIF, incorporating client feedback to evolve the character, a blind chicken ninja.

Splash screens for the game Robot Rising. Rollover (or click) to see before and after, showing my paintover changes. More here.

Tiling texture, painted in Photoshop.

My painting process as an animated GIF:

Character concept, for this 3D model.

Diffuse and emissive textures painted for Star Trek: Starfleet Command Volume II - Empires at War; modeling by Taldren/Interplay. The cubemap behind it is from another project of mine. You can find more Sketchfab examples here.

Another ship I painted for Starfleet Command II. You can examine the model here on Sketchfab.

I also created these concepts for Starfleet Command II, painting over models supplied by Taldren/Interplay.

From my sketchbooks, with charcoal pencil:

Charcoal pencil, live nude:

Charcoal pencil, museum skeletons:

Watercolor, live scene: