Eric Chadwick
Digital Artist
I've been writing and moderating this wiki, both to share art information with other artists and as a way to document new techniques as I learn them.
I wrote this to help communicate what a Technical Artist is, what we expected at Blue Fang from our TAs, what TAs do for the studio at large, etc. There's also a list of links at the end for more info on the subject.
I created these examples to show how bent vertex normals can help foliage look better in games.
This test shows how subsurface scattering can be faked for tree leaves, by using an inverted normal map.
Guillaume kindly let me host these two articles. They're a great introduction to some of the technical issues for producing games artwork.
I wrote this back in 1999. Some day I hope to correct some of the misconceptions in there, but for the most part it's still full of useful information. It's also in the process of being updated via the Polycount wiki.
A tutorial about making your own sketchbooks from scratch, loose notes from an informal class in college.
A tutorial about how I combined multiple photos into a single panorama, using 3ds Max and Photoshop. There's software out there that does a better job, but this is super-quick.
A few old tutorials for making textures. It's easier now with current software, but sometimes the old tricks are still handy to have around.

My profile on the professional networking site.
My profile on the game database site.
I taught here. A small private college in Newton, Massachusetts.
Former employer. Game development studio of Tencent Boston, subsidiary of Tencent Games.
Former employer. Famous for their Zoo Tycoon games.
Former employer. Technology for serious games.
Former employer. Web animation studio & game art outsourcing.

A quick way to get photos out to family and friends (limited access).
Photos of the kids (limited access).