Eric Chadwick
Digital Artist
Environment Art, Outsource Management

I created these battle scenes in 3ds Max, Photoshop, and Unity. Some of the props I directed outsourcers to build. I created a custom shader system for maximum reuse and greater variety, switching palettes from scene to scene.

Each scene has multiple palettes for variety. The only things changing here are numbers in the materials, minimizing memory thrashing, while also reducing the initial game download time.

Most of the environment textures are grayscale; they're colorized in the shader. This lets me pack four textures into one image, and use palettes for wide variety.

I created several animated shaders for the game. This is for wind in the trees, using both vertex distortion and uv distortion.

A shader for water, with vertex color to blend three layers, and uv distortion.

A shader for torch flames. A single file packs three textures into one. UV distortion and scrolling create the illusion of roiling plasma.

City hub
I modeled and textured this 3d menu scene of the city hub, where the player upgrades their heroes, purchases upgrades, etc. I created custom animated shaders for the waterfalls, mists, torches, flags, tent fabric, gleaming metal, and sky.

Endless battle descent
I created this 3d menu scene, where the player chooses battles that will increase in difficulty, in an endless downwards spiral. I created everything except the floating platforms, by outsourcers I directed.

Reusing my water shader to make lava. We swap palettes each time the player returns, which helps increase drama as they descend further.